Patent: Davis

Britain 4644

A.D. 1877, 7th December. № 4644.

Combined Sword and Revolver.

(This Invention received Provisional Protection only.)

PROVISIONAL SPECIFICATION left by Walter Davis at the Office of the Commissioners of Patents on the 7th December 1877.

Walter Davis, of Parkrange, Westbury Park, Durdham Down, Bristol. “Improvements in Military Weapons, to be known as the Davis Combination Sword.”

The Davis combination sword consists of the ordinary regulation sword, cavalry and infantry, with a six chambered revolver at the hilt or hand guard, the hilt of the sword answering for stock of revolver, as is shown in the Drawing annexed. The chambers take Colonel Boxer’s cartridge (regulation pattern). The steel scabbard is cut in sections, and provided with stop hinges to fold up in the form of rifle stock. It is attached to a sword hilt by a simple slot and catch. The whole forms an efficient repeating carbine, or without the scabbard attachment a sword and revolver in one and the same weapon.

The weapon is sighted up to one hundred yards, more or less, the foresight being taken from the point of the sword.