Patent: G Sturrock

Britain 693
A.D. 1860, 15th March. N° 693.

Revolving Fire-arms.

(This Invention received Provisional Protection only.)

PROVISIONAL SPECIFICATION left by George Sturrock at the Office of the Commissioners of Patents, with his Petition, on the 15th March 1860.

I, GEORGE STURROCK, of Chatham, in the County of Kent, Staff Serjeant in the Royal Engineers, do hereby declare the nature of the said Invention for ” IMPROVEMENTS IN REVOLVING FIRE-ARMS,” to be as follows:—

My Invention consists in constructing revolver pistols and guns with two barrels, one barrel being situated above the other, and therefore at different distances from the centre of the revolving charge cylinder, the said charge cylinder being furnished with two concentric rows of charge chambers, corresponding to the two barrels. I prefer to make use of a single striker formed with a crank or bend in it, and connected by a screw with a comb or thumb piece, a half turn of which carries the striker from one position to another, so that it may strike on the inner or outer series of nipples, as required. The striker is fixed in each position by a thumb-screw. I employ a leaf sight for the purpose of bringing the lower barrel to the same elevation as the upper barrel for target practice. I prefer to form the revolving cylinder with seven chambers in each row, but I do not limit myself to that number.