Patent: Haddan (Sederl)

Britain 87

A.D. 1880, 8th January. № 87.


(This Invention received Provisional Protection only.)

PROVISIONAL SPECIFICATION left by Herbert John Haddan at the Office-of the Commissioners of Patents on the 8th January 1880. A communication from abroad by Thomas Sederl, of Vienna, in the Empire of Austria,

Herbert John Haddan, of the Firm of Herbert and Company, Solicitors of Patents, of 67, Strand, in the City of Westminster, Civil Engineer. “Improvements in Fire-arms.” A communication from abroad by Thomas Sederl, of Vienna, in the Empire of Austria.

The improvements relate more particularly to revolvers, and consist in a device for automatically throwing out the cartridge cases after the cartridges have been used, For this purpose the shaft of the revolving cartridge drum or receptacle has at its back an annular groove, into which projects the inner head of a cartridge extractor movable parallel to the axis of the drum and guided in a dove tailed groove of the revolver casing. The back-end of the cartridge extractor interlocks with one (the upper) end of a small double armed lever, the other (lower) arm of which is pushed forward by the hammer during the descent of the latter so as to cause the rim of a cartridge case to be seized by the head of the extractor and to be thrown out. To prevent the extractor from seizing and throwing out a full cartridge, at the first shot a lock pin is lodged in the revolver casing, and pressed with its wedge-shaped front between the extractor and the said lever, which causes the extractor to miss during its motion the corresponding cartridge, and the lower end of the lever moves forward so as not to be hit by the hammer during the descent of the latter. In order to set the lock pin out of action, after the first shot, it is provided with an appendage forming an inclined plane coming into contact with a corresponding portion of the hammer, which in falling thrusts back the said lock pin and sets the cartridge extractor free. A spring lodged in a cavity of the revolver casing presses upon the draw-lever so as to repel the extractor in its former position after having been pulled back by the descent of the cock. The opening through which the cartridge shells are drawn out may be covered by a movable lid pivoted at the side of the revolver casing and made to remove from the said opening by the drawing up of the cock so as to leave room for the extraction of the cartridge shell.