Patent: Henri Pieper

Belgian 74171

Partial Translation:

The invention consists of a new mode of automatic disengagement of the metal jouille after the firing of the arms oi rotating cylinder.

On the recoil plate behind the cylinder, on the side of the door and above it, a hook piece is fixed with a circular and spiral groove so that this groove, when turning towards the door opening, tapers off. gradually from the cylinder.

During the rotation of the cylinder the cartridges engage successively in this groove either by the spindle (genus Lefaucheux) are by the bead (genus central or annular) and withdraws them from the chamber, from the houcteur of the inclined plane; this inclined plane ends at the opening of the door.

The cartridge chambers being generally conical, the slightest clearance behind the drawn casing is enough for it to no longer fit in it and the rest of the extraction can be done with the finger. The slight inclination of the groove ensures this clearance with a minimum of force.