Patent: Leon Lambin & Toussaint Theate

British 130

PROVISIONAL SPECIFICATION’ left by Henri; Adrien Bonneville at the Office of the Commissioners of Patents, with his Petition, on the 18fch January 1864′.—A communication from . Leon Lambin and Toussaint Theate, residing at Libge, in the Kingdom of Belgium.

I, Henri Adrien Bonneville, Patent Agent, of the British, and* Foreign Patent Offices, 24, Rue du Mont Thabory Paris, in the Empire of France, and 38, Porchester Terrace, Bayswater, in the County of Middlesex, do hereby declare the nature of the said Invention for “ Improvements ® Adjusting Daggers to Revolvers and other Pistols,” communicated to me by Leon Lambin and Toussaint Theate, persons residing at Liege,, in the Kingdom of Belgium, to be as follows:—

This Invention consists in a system of adjustment of; daggers- to revolvers* and other pistols, by means of which they maybe taken off and put. on without the use of any tool whatever.

The Figures of the annexed Drawing represent Fig. 1 the application of this* system to a marine revolver pistol, and Fig. 2 the application to an ordinary revolver. Both pistols are of the Lefaucheux make.

Figure 1.—A, dagger blade; B, crotchet which enters under the breech ; projecting part of barrel entering a corresponding opening in the blade A ; spring fixed to the blade and worked by the pin E; F, end of a piston fixed to the spring D, and entering an opening worked in the projecting part C under the pressure of the spring in order toehold the whole in place*.

Fig. 2.—A, dagger blade; B, dagger handle; C, pin entering under the breech of pistol; D, srew, which in the ordinary pistols holds the part C; E, socket or ring fastened to the dagger and sliding over the end of barrel.