Patent: W Harding

Britain 1574
A.D. 1857 — N 1574.

Pistol Holsters.

(This Invention received Provisional Protection, but notice to proceed with the application for Letters Patent was not given within the time prescribed by the Act.)

PROVISIONAL SPECIFICATION left by William Harding at the Office of the Commissioners of Patents, with his Petition, on the 4th June 1857.

I, William Harding, of Forest Hill, in the County of Kent, Gunmaker, I do hereby declare the nature of the Invention for “An Improvement In Pistol Holsters,” to be as follows:—

This Invention has for its object an improvement in pistol holsters, and consists in combining with the holster a case for holding cartridges. For this purpose I attach to the exterior of the holster, and under the flap thereof, a plate, to which a series of metal tubes are fixed side by side. These tubes are made of a size to receive the cartridges, and they have longitudinal slits in them to facilitate the withdrawal of the cartridges. I have found it convenient to make each tube sufficiently long to hold two cartridges, and to arrange eight of these tubes side by side in the way described, as this is about the number which can be conveniently covered by the flap of the holster.