Patent: Ambrogio Micheloni

British 2513

( This Invention received Provisional Protection only.)

PROVISIONAL SPECIFICATION left by Isaiah Williams at the Office of the Commissioners of Patents, with his Petition, on the 12th October 1864.—A communication from abroad by Ambrogio Micheloni, of Milan, in the Kingdom of Italy.
I, Isaiah Williams, of Birmingham, in the County of Warwick, Merchant, do hereby declare the nature of the said Invention for iC An Improved Revolver,” to be as follows:—

The object of this Invention is to combine in a single weapon a sabre with a revolver ; this is effected by affixing a sabre blade to the barrel of a revolver, so that it may be parallel with it, but projecting of course to any required distance beyond the muzzle. By preference the blade is placed on the left-hand side of the barrel, but this is unimportant. The handle of the combined piece, instead of being an ordinary pistol stock, consists of a sabre hilt; inside the guard is the trigger of the revolver.

To illustrate my Invention I have annexed a Drawing thereof, which I now proceed to describe.

A is the hilt of the improved revolver; B, a guard attached thereto, the end part of which C forms the plate against which revolve the chambers D of the pistol. Two projections E, E, are provided for the purpose of carrying the plate F, which is attached to them by the screws G; to this plate are affixed the pistol barrel H and the sabre blade K, both parallel to each other, but the blade projecting beyond the muzzle of the barrel. The blade is shewn broken off, and may of course be made of any required length. L is the trigger of the pistol.