Patent: Amedee Thornton de Mouncie

Britain 2161

A.D. 1878, 30th May. № 2161.


LETTERS PATENT to Amédée Thornton de Mouncie, of Hill Street, Rutland Gate, in the County of Middlesex, Gentleman, for the Invention of “Improvements in Fire-arms.”

Sealed the 28rd August 1878, and dated the 30th May 1878.

(Void by reason of the Patentee having neglected to file a Specification in pursuance of the conditions of the Letters Patent.)

PROVISIONAL SPECIFICATION left by the said Amédée Thornton de Mouncie at the Office of the Commissioners of Patents on the 80th May 1878.

AMEDEE THORNTON DE Mouncisx, of Hill Street, Rutland Gate, in the County of Middlesex, Gentleman. “Improvements in Fire-arms.”

The first part of my Invention relates to a modification of the construction and arrangement of the mainspring of the lock of fire-arms generally, with the object of giving greater softness or a more gentle movement to the trigger, while at the same time obtaining a more powerful percussion. For this purpose I propose to make a slot, opening, or groove in the mainspring of the lock to receive a pin, stud, or projection upon an arm or lever, by which I propose to make the spring act on the lifter.

I may support this arm or extension of the spring by the central pivot and a bearing in the cover plate, or I may rivet the pin of the said arm, or secure the said arm or extension of the spring in any suitable manner, so that it is left free to move in the slot, groove, or opening in the spring.

The second part of my Invention relates to an extractor for revolvers. I propose to dispense entirely with springs, making the axle or rod carrying a star or other form of extractor to pass through the cylinder, and bear against or enter the breech of the-arm when closed, providing the said axle or rod with a slide piece having a stud or projection outside of that part of the body of the arm in which the extracting rod is held, which part of the body or case is slotted to permit the said slide to travel to and fro in pushing out the empty cartridge and returning the rod by the stud.

The third part of my Invention relates to the breech-closing and locking arrangement. I propose to combine the breech-closing arrangement so that it may form at the same time locking device and plate or partition, preventing escape of gas into the lock.