Patent: Daniel Wesson

US 10423
Specification forming part of Design No. 10,423, dated January 29, 1878; application filed January 11, 1878.
[Term of patent 14 years.]

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, DANIEL B. WESSON, of Springfield, in the county of Hampden and State of Massachusetts, have originated and designed a Pistol-Handle, of which the following, taken in connection with the accompanying drawing, is a full, clear, and accurate description.

The novel features of my design refer, chiefly, to the cheek-pieces forming the butt of the handle.

Figure 1 represents, in side view, a pistol-handle with a cheek-piece embodying my design applied to it; Fig. 2, an end view, and Fig. 3 a view of the cheek-piece removed.

The metallic portion a of the handle is finished at each side by the addition of a cheek-piece, B, (see Fig. 3,) having its inner edge b concaved, as from 2 to 3, and its outer edge e and butt portion d curved from point 4 to point 3, as shown by the outer black line e.

The butt portion, left smooth, is rounded from the flat side of the cheek-piece upward, forming curved portions 5 6, which join with the escutcheon f, a bead (represented by the surface 7 8 9) extending from the escutcheon to the corners 3 4. A bead, 10, curved at its inner edge from a point, 14, extends between the points 4 2, a bead, 11, between the points 2 3, and a bead, 12, between the point 4 and the butt. The main groundwork g g is diced or scored, while the name-shield, upon which are placed the initials S. & W., hasa ground-work contrasting with the groundwork g.

What I claim as my invention and design for pistol cheek-pieces is—

1. A cheek-piece having the ground g, the escutcheon, and the smooth butt portion, extended upward at 5 6 to approach the escutcheon.

2. A cheek-piece having the ground g, the escutcheon, the butt portion extended upward at 5 6 to approach the escutcheon, and the beads 11 12, the outer and inner portions of the cheek-piece and butt being curved, as shown, between the points 2 3 4.

3. A cheek-piece provided at its upper end with a name-shield, h, in combination with beads 8 9 7, separating the shield from the groundwork g, and extended into such ground-work toward the escutcheon, as shown and described.

4. In a cheek-piece, the escutcheon and the name-shield and butt, connected by beads, as shown, thereby dividing the groundwork g into two parts, as shown.

5. The name-shield surrounded by the bead 10 and the beads 8 9, made to terminate in the bead 7, as shown and described.

In testimony whereof I have signed my name to this specification in the presence of two subscribing witnesses.