Patent: Howard

Britain 4038

A.D. 1882, 23rd August. № 4088.

Combination Arms.

(This Invention received Provisional Protection only.)

PROVISIONAL SPECIFICATION left by Richard Howard at the Office of the Commissioners of Patents on the 28rd August 1882.

Richard Howard, of the Town and County of the Town of Southampton,”Improvements in combination arms”

The improvements consist in combining with the hilt guard of a sword a revolver pistol so placed that the hand holding the sword can also actuate the trigger of the revolver— the revolver being intended for use in close quarters— The hilt guard is formed by any usual guard on the back side of the sword, the revolver being so fitted as to form the guard itself on the front side, and in part support for the revolver a basket or shield guard for the hand is used. The trigger has a safety spring and catch arrangement so that it can be locked when sword is in ordinary use.