Patent: John Blisset – Void

British 2069

(This Invention received Provisional Protection, but notice to proceed with the application for Letter’s Patent was not given ivithin the time prescribed by the Act.)

PROVISIONAL SPECIFICATION left by John Blissett at the Office of the Commissioners of Patents, with his Petition, on the 13th September 1855.

I, John Blissett, of No. 322, High Holborn, in the County of Middlesex, Gun Maker, do hereby declare the nature of the said Invention of “ Improvements in the Construction op Revolving Chamber Fire-arms ” to be as follows:—

These improvements apply to the construction and arrangement of the loading rod or lever of such fire-arms, by means of which the charge is thrust home or rammed into the chambers. The lever employed is a lever of the second order, the fulcrum being attached to the “ fore end.” The lever is provided (near to the fulcrum) with a projecting lug, to which is connected a short link, which is also jointed to the rammer. The rammer slides in a hole through the “fore end,” and the action of the link allows the rammer always to preserve its parallel position as the lever is moved in the action of ramming home the charge.