Patent: Sanbord for G Gates

Britain 1589

A.D. 1862, 27th May. № 1589.

Revolving Breech-loading Fire-arms.

(This Invention received Provisional Protection only.)

PROVISIONAL SPECIFICATION left by George Henry Sanborn at the Office of the Commissioners of Patents, with his Petition, on the 27th May 1862.— A communication from abroad by George Gates, of Worcester, Massachusetts, United States.

I, George Henry Sanborn, of Boston, Massachusetts, United States, now of No. 100, Fleet Street, in the City of London, Gentleman, do hereby declare the nature of the said Invention for “Improvements in Revolving Breech-loading Fire-arms,” a communication to me from abroad by George Gates, of Worcester, Massachusetts, United States, to be as follows:—

The said improvements relate to a novel construction and arrangement of the parts of the frame of revolving breech-loading fire-arms. The barrel is of the ordinary construction, and may be either rifled or smooth bore. The frame into which the barrel is screwed is of suitable dimensions to contain the cartridge cylinder, and is fixed upon or constructed as a part of the stock or

handle of the fire-arm. This frame, which is made in parts, has a hinge Joint situated upon its upper side, and near the rear end of the cartridge cylinder, and at its diagonal corner a spring catch or lock, which in connection with the said joint firmly secures the frame. The cartridge cylinder, which has a recess in front, revolves upon a spindle or rod fixed in the front part of the frame, and the rear end of said cylinder fits into a chamber, which constitutes a portion of the frame. In the centre of this recoil chamber is a circular or ring-formed recess, which receives, when the frame is locked, a

projecting ratchet, by which the cylinder is revolved, and which constitutes a part of the said cylinder. The interior of this recess is left flush with the surface of the recoil chamber, thus forming a pin, which enters the rear end of the cartridge cylinder to secure the same firmly during the discharges of the pistol or gun. The ordinary means in connection with the ratchet on the cylinder are employed for rotating the said cylinder. When the frame is opened the cartridge or charge cylinder remains attached to and swings with the front part of the frame and the barrel. he hinge joint is constructed to permit the barrel to be turned back till it points in the opposite direction, when the rear ends of the cartridge or charge cylinder is conveniently presented for loading.