Patent: Thomas Williams

A.D. 1855 № 1857.

Breech-loading Fire-arms.

(This Invention received Provisional Protection, but notice to proceed with the application for Letters Patent was not given within the time prescribed by the Act.)

PROVISIONAL SPECIFICATION left by Thomas Williams at the Office of the Commissioners of Patents, with his Petition, on the 16th August 1855.

I, Thomas Williams, of Liverpool, in the County of Lancaster, Gun Maker, do hereby declare the nature of the said Invention for “Improvements In Breech-Loading Fire-Arms, And In The Mode Or Method Of Loading The Same,” to be as follows:—

I propose, instead of making the guard which covers the trigger in guns and pistols fast to the body or barrel, to form a lever of the guard, the fore part of which works in a slot, and is secured by a pivot to the body or barrel, the pivot being the fulcrum. On the fore part of this guard or lever I cut a teethed segment of a wheel, which acts on corresponding teeth cut on a rammer of a new design, which works in a groove parallel with the barrel; and by raising the guard or lever from the back, and drawing it forward, it forces the rammer into the chamber or breech, and with considerable power drives home the ball: the guard or lever is returned to its place, and the breech turned to bring another chamber opposite the rammer. The operation is repeated until the whole of the chambers or barrels are charged or loaded; the guard is then returned to its proper position, and is secured by a spring or catch.