Patent: William Mason

US 155095
155,095. REVOLVING FIRE-ARMS, William Mason, Hartford, Conn., assignor to Colt’s Patent Fire-Arms Manufacturing Company, same place. [Filed June 3, 1874.]

1. In a revolving fire- arm, the gate G, forming a part of the shield E, when closed, hung to the frame and combined with the cylinder. bolt d, to hold the gate in a closed position, substantially as specified.

2. The bolt d having the spring n and the trunnion f formed in one and the same piece.

3. In combination with the gate G, haying the grooved trunnion r thereon, the bolt d, the trunnion f of which extends into the groove s of the gate-trunnion, substantially as and for the purpose specified.

4. The catch for the center-pin, consisting of the bolt T, arranged one side A the partition R, the beaded screw W send its spring upon the outer side connecting with the bolt T, substantially as set forth.

5. The combination of the cylinder-bolt, the trigger T’, and the single spring R, substantially as and for the purpose specified.

6. In combination with the cylinder-pawl P, the spring S, arranged in the recess W of the frame, one end of the spring attached to the frame, the other end directly to the pawl, substantially as described.