Patent: S A Goddard

British 988
A.D. 1852 N° 988.



PATENT to Samuel Aspinwall Goddard, of Birmingham, in the County of Warwick, Merchant and Gun Manufacturer, for the Invention of “Improvements In The Construction Of Pistols.”

Sealed the 17th March 1853, and dated the 7th December 1852.

(Void by reason of the Patentee having neglected to file a Specification in pursuance of the conditions of the Letters Patent.)

PROVISIONAL SPECIFICATION left by Samuel Aspinwall Goddard at the Office of the Commissioners of Patents, with his Petition, on the 7th December 1852.

I, Samuel Aspinwall Goddard, of Birmingham, in the County of Warwick, Merchant and Gun Manufacturer, do hereby declare the nature of the said Invention for “Improvements In The Construction Of Pistols” to be as follows:—

The object of this Invention is to produce an efficient repeating pistol, at a small cost, and of so simple construction that it will not readily get out of order.

In carrying out this Invention, instead of making the barrel in one piece I form it in two parts, which may either rotate together to bring up fresh charges in a line to be fired, or be rotated singly for the convenience of loading. This arrangement is susceptible of modification.

In making a repeating pistol to carry five charges I compose the barrel of two parts, the breech part being of sufficient depth to carry the cartridge, and I mount the two on a common spindle.

The barrel and breech I bore with six chambers, inserting the ramrod into the sixth bore, in order to lock the two parts together. I form in the inner end of the barrel a recess, which communicates with the fifth bore, and by that means gain access to the face of the breech for the insertion of the cartridges; or I make the sixth bore of somewhat larger diameter than the others, to allow of the easy access to the breech down that bore of the barrel.

When the pistol is loaded, and the caps are put on the nipples, the breech and barrel are locked by the insertion of the ramrod, as before indicated, and the pistol is ready for use.

The means of rotating the barrel is that commonly used in such cases, and, if necessary, close contact is made between the breech and barrel by a tightening screw, or other analogous contrivance. In some cases, instead of causing the spindle to pass through the breech and barrel, I cause it to project into the breech only, and secure the barrel thereto by means of a screw formed on its end taking into a female screw cut in the breech. In this case the pistol is to be charged by removing the barrel.

By another modification, I avail myself of the protective quality of the barrel, overlaying or facing the breech, and preventing its exposure to the weather, although I make the barrel stationary, and cause the breech to revolve.

In this instance I provide a barrel of a single bore, and provide at its inner end a circular disc, forming one with the barrel, or screwed thereto, which disc is brought into contact with the breech, and forms a shield thereto.

An opening is made in this plate, corresponding to the ring of. holes in the breech, to allow of the insertion of cartridges as each bore is severally brought into a line therewith, and a swing cover or other contrivance is provided for covering this hole.