Patent: T W G Treeby

Britain 2629
A.D. 1855 — N ° 2629.

Revolving Fire-arms.

This Invention received Provisional Protection, but notice to proceed with the application for Letters Patent was not given within the time prescribed by the Act.)

PROVISIONAL SPECIFICATION left by Thomas Wright Gardener Treeby at the Office of the Commissioners of Patents, with his Petition, on the 21st November 1855.

I, THOMAS WRIGHT GARDENER TREEBY, of 1, Westbourne Terrace Villa, Westbourne Terrace North, Paddington, do hereby declare the nature of the Invention for “IMPROVEMENTS IN REVOLVING FIRE-ARMS” to be as follows:—

Heretofore considerable difficulty has been experienced in preventing escape of gas at the joints between the barrels and the rotating chambers of revolving fire-arms. According to this Invention, the end of the barrel is caused to pass some distance over the end of the chamber; the barrel is arranged so as to slide forward away from the chamber after the discharge of the fire-arm, so as to let the discharged chamber be moved out and another into position, when it is again slid back. This motion is given to the barrel by a lever and connecting link. To the same lever is also attached another connecting link which passes to the tail of the hammer, so that the motion of the lever for working the barrel also raises and cocks the hammer.

According to this Invention also revolving fire-arms are rendered self-capping. There is a tube or cap holder which went out of use lies along the stock, but during the operation of loading the chambers it is turned up, so that the caps fall out one by one into a receptacle just wide enough to admit one cap. This receptacle is opposite the nipple of the chamber when in position for loading. Through the back of the cap chamber a small rod passes, which is acted upon by the ramming lever, so that at the same time that the charge is rammed down, this small rod moves forward and places the cap on the nipple.